What is iviewHD IPTV?

This article mainly introduces to you what is iviewHD IPTV, and iviewHD outstanding features and much more.

What is iview HD IPTV? What channels does iviewHD have? What devices are supported? How to use Catch Up and add favorite channels? We will answer these questions and more throughout this article.

To subscribe to iViewHD, you need to use the IViewHD player, but since the app cannot be installed through the App Store, you must download it directly from the IView website or sideload it via USB.

Read this tutorial will guide you on how to install iView HD IPTV on Firestick

What Exactly Are Iview HD IPTV?



IviewHD is a popular subscription-based IPTV service that can be installed on almost any Android device with no setup fee, easy setup, and fast activation. One of the most stable IPTV services available for sports, movies, serials, and news, offering over 1,000 live channels and over 3,000 of the latest and hottest VOD movies.

What Does Iview HD IPTV Offer?

Iview HD offers global channels, categorized by country, including news, entertainment, sports, PPV, and other live channels, including the UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, Greece, etc.

In addition, iView HD also offers video-on-demand capabilities. As a result, viewers don’t have to go to other platforms to watch the most popular and popular movies and TV shows. The VOD of the premium IPTV has additional features, which I’ll mention below.

Iview HD IPTV Compatible Devices

Easy and Simple! You can quickly set up iView HD on the following devices.

Android devices TV Box Fire TV / Fire Stick
Samsung Phone Formuler Android OTT NVIDIA SHIELD Box / Shield TV
Smart TV (Android OS) Android Tablet Enimga2 DVB Box

The iView HD IPTV service offers more than 1,000 live channels, with a basic subscription starting at $19.99 / month and a three-day free trial.See this guide for a quick guide on how to install iView HD IPTV on a variety of streaming devices

Iview HD Streams Channels

These live channels are divided by country and include live content such as entertainment, news, sports, international, etc. The categories are very clear and you can quickly find what you want to watch.

Package Pricing

Free Trial

Some important sports channels are available only by subscription

Inclusions Price
iview HD EPG, 1000+ Live, 3000+ VOD, PPV, 3days trial $0
iview HD Plus All Standard Package, Catch UP, Cloud PVR, VOD with Valued Sport $0

Learn how to quickly get a free IPTV trial here

Other Subscription Period

Subscription Period iview HD Blue iview HD Plus Red
1 month $19.99 $32.99
3 months $49.99 $79.99
6 months $79.99 $129.99
12 months $139.99 $199.99

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Add Your Favorite Channels

The favorites feature enables users to store individual IPTV channels, local media files, or entire playlists in a dedicated list called favorites for quick access later.Many IPTV services offer thousands of live channels. Iview HD offers a small number of channels, more than 1,000, mainly in Europe, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Greece, etc., but it is not easy to find your favorite channels quickly. So favorites can play a huge role.

Let’s see how to use iview HD’s FAV feature

Shortlist your favorite channels

 Adding favorite programs from the Settings - Fav Manage, now there has a group selection.

You can also set groups in the FAV column. This is a really good improvement for users.



Access to Favorites

Favorites list can be found at the following path: Live ⇒ OK button ⇒ Fav lists

EPG Styles


IviewHD IPTV offers three EPG styles, like Normal EPG, Grid EPG and Classic EPG. You can switch to your favorite TV Guide presentation.

How to switch EPG on iviewHD?

1. Go to Settings, then Click Misc, and change the EPG in EPG mode.

2. You can also at the choice screen select to go straight to the New EPG, by ticking the EPG box, like Grid EPG and Classic EPG.

How To Watch Catch Up?

iview HD Plus Package with 7 days Catch-Up. This playback function lets you watch any TV shows and sports you missed in the past.

Just last week, I missed an important sports game, and with Catch-Up, I can get popcorn and beer ready and enjoy the highlights.

Okay, let’s see how to use this feature

1. Find a live channel with a blue video marker

2. Right-click to confirm the EPG

3. You can choose the playback time period

4. Playback function for over 200 important channels and sports

Note: The way to tell if a channel has Catch-UP is by looking at the EPG (TV guide) to see what channels show the video recorder image or icon.


Features Of iview HD



1. 3 Days free trial

2. Easy and fast setup

3. Simple to use EPG

4. Sporting PPV Events

5. No Buffering and Freezing

6. Stand-alone Android application

7. Plus package with 7 days catch up and PVR


1. Not many channels as compared to other IPTVs

2. Each package only support 1 connection


What is iview HD?

Iview HD is an IPTV streaming service that lets you watch live TV on Android devices, offering a large number of stable and unbuffered live channels.

Is iview HD Legal?

It is impossible for me to determine whether an unverified IPTV service has the correct license. What is clear is that iViewHD has been on the market for more than 5 years, providing a reliable streaming service.

What channels do iview HD Streams have?

Iview HD offers more than 1,000 channels to choose from for live viewing. These include entertainment, films, music, news, sports, documentaries, children, and food. What it does best, of course, is offering lots of sports channels.

What devices does iview HD support?

Iview HD works on Fire TV Stick devices (FireStick HD, Firestick 4K, Fire TV Cube) and Android devices (Phones, Tablets, Android TV, Android box), and more, but doesn’t run on ios or MAG.

Does iview HD offer a free trial?

Yes, iView HD has a 3Days Free Trial Available, no credit card is required.

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