Looking for alternatives to 123Movies?

Once a thriving website for free online streaming, 123Movies captured the attention of users worldwide with its extensive collection of movies and TV shows. However, copyright infringements forced the permanent closure of the original site. In this article, we will delve into the history of 123Movies and present viable alternatives for your streaming needs.

Advantages and Features of 123Movies:

Features and functionalities of 123 movies:

  1. 123movies offers a wide range of movie and TV show resources, including films of various genres, countries, and eras.
  2. Users can directly stream content on the website without the need for downloading or registering an account.
  3. It provides multiple language and subtitle options, making it convenient for users to choose their preferred viewing experience.

It includes features such as:

  1. No need for credit cards.
  2. No registration required.
  3. User-friendly filters to search for movies.
  4. Abundance of streaming resources.
  5. Easy finding of highest-rated IMDb movies in designated sections.
  6. Convenient search for movies based on genre or release date.

Is 123movies legal?

From the following aspects to explain why 123 movies are legal and copyright issues

Illegitimate streaming website:

  • 123movies is considered an illegitimate streaming website as it infringes upon copyright laws and regulations.

  • The content available on the website is usually unauthorized, violating the copyright ownership of movie studios and TV networks.

Shutdowns and rebranding:

  • Due to copyright issues, 123movies often faces the risk of being shut down and blocked.

  • The website has undergone multiple shutdowns and rebranding efforts to evade legal action and the efforts of copyright holders. The rebranded websites of 123movies are also known as clone sites and are still banned in various countries.

Legal risks and user responsibilities:

  • Watching copyrighted content on 123movies or similar illegal streaming websites can be illegal and may involve legal risks.

  • Users may face legal consequences when watching infringing content, especially when downloading, sharing, or distributing such content.

In conclusion, 123 movies is an illegitimate streaming website that provides free access to unauthorized movies and TV shows. Watching copyrighted content on illegal streaming websites is illegal, and users may face legal risks.

To enjoy movies and TV shows legally, it is recommended to choose legal streaming IPTV service providers to ensure access to high-quality content while supporting creators and the industry’s development.

While it is possible to use a VPN to protect your personal information from being compromised, it is still not recommended to use 123Movies, much less try a clone/mirror site of 123Movies. Taking a step back, this is because the mirrored 123Movies site and proxy links change weekly, so you may encounter some problems accessing the content when using the mirrored site.

However, the most original reason is still because using 123 Movies to watch movie programs is illegal in itself, as its content is pirated.

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How to watch 123 movies on your Android device

  • Get a reliable VPN
  • Open a VPN and connect to the server.
  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Search for 123Movies HD: This is the currently available 123Movies app.
  • Download the app.
  • Open the app and search for the TV show or movie you want.
  • Click on the show and start watching!

But I don’t recommend that you take the risk that using an illegal site could cause you to suffer legal problems. And according to the response, 123 movie app is full of ads and ineffective. I suggest you use the 123 Movies alternative provided below.

Alternative to 123movies

Legitimate streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+.

  • Netflix: Netflix is one of the most popular and widely recognized legal streaming platforms. It offers a vast library of movies and TV shows, including original content. Netflix provides high-quality streaming, personalized recommendations, and multiple device compatibility.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime Video is another legitimate streaming platform that offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and original content. Subscribers of Amazon Prime also enjoy additional benefits such as free shipping on Amazon purchases.
  • Disney+: Disney+ is a dedicated streaming service for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic content. It features a collection of classic and new releases from these renowned franchises, providing a family-friendly entertainment experience.
  • Hulu: Hulu offers a combination of on-demand streaming and live TV services. It provides a variety of TV shows, including current episodes of popular series. Hulu also offers original content and allows users to customize their viewing experience.
  • HBO Max: HBO Max is a streaming platform that offers a vast library of movies and TV shows, including HBO originals. It provides a premium viewing experience with high-quality content and exclusive releases.

But the alternatives we’re going to detail today are IPTV service providers. They offer different subscription packages, number of channels, functional features. And they are more reliable than 123 movies from legal chase.

  1. Newproiptv
  2. iviewHD IPTV
  3. Strong IPTV
  4. Xtreme HD IPTV
  5. Apollo Group TV
  6. King IPTV
  7. IPTV Gear
  8. Kemo IPTV
  9. Yeah IPTV

These are IPTV services that are paid subscriptions. By subscribing to a plan, you get access to thousands of channels of programming, watching movies, TV shows, news and entertainment, children’s cartoons, and sports from around the world.

IPTV service Logo Specific details
Newproiptv Newpro IPTV is the world’s best Android IPTV provider, offering IPTV free trials and a diverse range of IPTV subscriptions, as well as a separate APK for Android.
iviewHD IPTV iviewHD IPTV is famous for its stability and versatility and is very popular among users. It offers more than 1300 regular and premium channels, more than 4500 movies, and more than 200 premium sports channels to use the catch-up feature. Besides iviewHD IPTV has recording, FAV, and EPG features.
Strong IPTV Strong IPTV is an excellent IPTV service in the UK. Offering over 30,000 UK local and international HD channels, with VPN support, EPG and parental controls.
Xtreme HD IPTV Xtreme HD IPTV is a popular IPTV service with over 20,000 live channels and on-demand movies/TV shows. Provides a reliable and accurate EPG of multiple channels in the UK, US and Canada, providing a convenient TV guide for users. Supports all devices.
Apollo Group TV Apollo Group TV enjoys unlimited live streaming services with access to over 9000 pay TV channels, new release movies, live sports and much more. Offers EPG and catch-up functionality with a separate APK.
King IPTV King IPTV offers a 24-hour free trial, as well as 2-day catch-up, EPG capabilities, and offers 15,000 global channels available on all devices.
IPTV Gear IPTV GEAR is one of the best IPTV subscription service providers. Over 10,000 live TV channels and 20,000 movies and TV shows. Private servers with +10Gbps speed, providing M3U URL and EPG.
Kemo IPTV Kemo IPTV is the popular IPTV service offering over 16,000 HD channels and 8,000 VODs with new content updated daily. And it offers multi-device connection packages with up to 5 connections and devices. All devices are supported as well as EPG.
Yeah IPTV Yeah IPTV is one of the best IPTV services offering national TV channels, over 4,800 live channels, 17,000 global TV channels, 90,000 VOD, support for all devices, EPG and VPN.

Benefits of IPTV service providers

The benefits of IPTV service providers can include the following:

  • Diverse content choices: IPTV service providers typically offer a wide selection of TV channels and content, including movies, TV shows, sports events, news, music and more. Subscribers can choose what to watch based on their preferences and interests, and enjoy a wider range of entertainment options.
  • HD and 4K video quality: Many IPTV service providers offer high-definition (HD) and ultra-high-definition (4K) video quality, allowing subscribers to enjoy a clearer, more lifelike viewing experience. The high quality video picture and audio effects enhance the quality of viewing for subscribers.
  • Cross-platform support: IPTV services typically support multiple platforms and devices, including smart TVs, computers, cell phones, tablets and more. This means subscribers can watch their favorite programs on different devices, providing greater flexibility and convenience.
  • Time-shift and playback features: Some IPTV service providers offer time-shift and playback features that allow subscribers to play back their favorite programs or pause and resume viewing at any time. This allows subscribers to watch programs on their own schedule without the fear of missing anything.
  • Personalized recommendations and user experience: Some IPTV service providers provide subscribers with personalized recommendations of programs and content through intelligent algorithms and personal preference analysis. This provides a better user experience and makes it easier for subscribers to discover and explore the content they are interested in.
  • Simultaneous viewing on multiple devices: Some IPTV service providers allow subscribers to watch on multiple devices simultaneously, which means that members of a subscriber’s family can enjoy programs on different devices at the same time, increasing the flexibility of home entertainment.

Overall, the benefits of IPTV service providers include a diverse selection of content, a high-quality video experience, cross-platform support, time-shifting and playback capabilities, personalized recommendations and user experience, and the convenience of simultaneous viewing on multiple devices.

Choosing the right IPTV service provider can lead to a richer, more convenient and personalized viewing experience for subscribers.


Does 123Movies have an app?

Watch 123Movies on Your Android Device. Go to the Google Play store. Search for 123Movies HD: that’s the current working 123Movies app. Download the app. Open the app and search for the TV show or movie you want.

What is the new name for 123movies?

The original name, and URL, was 123movies.to, which changed to other domains including 123movies.is before redirecting to gomovies.to and later gomovies.is.

What happened to 123movies?

The official 123Movies website was shut down in March 2018 due to copyright infringement issues. However, despite its shutdown, copies of the site, known as mirror sites or clones, have emerged, allowing users to access similar content. Law enforcement agencies around the world have been actively monitoring websites and services that enable users to view copyrighted content without proper authorization or payment.

Law enforcement agencies and copyright holders continue to combat online piracy and infringement by monitoring and taking action against websites and services that facilitate unauthorized access to copyrighted content. Users are advised to choose legal streaming platforms and services that support content creators and enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows in a legal and ethical manner.

Do you need a VPN for 123Movies?

Using a VPN to watch videos from websites like 123movies or GoMovies is the safest option for online streaming. Without a VPN, internet service providers, hackers, or third parties may be able to view your online activity and determine you visited 123movies.


123Movies is an unauthorized streaming website that provides access to copyrighted movies and TV shows. However, it is important to note that watching content on illegal platforms is against the law and can lead to legal consequences. To enjoy movies and TV shows legally, it is recommended to opt for legitimate streaming platforms that offer high-quality content and support the creators and the industry's growth.

If you're looking to watch popular movies and sports events, there are legal streaming services available such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others, as well as reputable IPTV service providers like Newpro IPTV and iviewHD IPTV.


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